Monday, January 5, 2009


About 8:30am, January 3, 2009 - Last Saturday, we saw a bobcat during our mornning walk at Green Cay! I didn't have my binoculars (or camera) so I couldn't see him close up. There were 5-7 photographers on the boardwalk - that gave us the clue that something was happening. He or she was positioned to look straight at us as he rested in the long grass. Looked like the bobcat was actually enjoying the sun. Barbara commented that he had big ears.

An exciting day! Makes me feel that everything's OK.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Walking Routine

Now that Marge is back to south Florida, our walking routine will resume, I hope. We walked on Friday, Oct. 17, and the weather was just great. Did not see anything really unusual - just one alligator who seemed sleepy. Do they sleep with eyes closed?

More as we do more walking...

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Osprey @ Green Cay

For two evenings in a row, I saw an Osprey perched on a dead tree. Majestic looking, he was scanning the water and watching the boardwalk. Interesting that he (or she) shared the tree with an Ibis and an Anhinga. A similar sharing with humans would have us occupying space with chimps and gorillas. Would never happen with us.

It is getting less humid. Soon I will be able to walk at there more comfortably.

My new website is up:

Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Cay - a Woodpecker

Thursday, August 21, 2008 - As I began my evening stroll I saw a red-bellied woodpecker, a female jumping around on a palm trunk. I know what kind of woodpecker now because I looked it up in the bird book. She was looking for a likely spot in which to drill, but didn't find one while I was watching. This evening's stroll takes place after T.S. Fay dumped buckets and buckets of water everywhere. It's obvious the water level has risen in all the wet areas of Green Cay. Even the otter hole looks like it might have flooded. I'm pretty much all alone here at this time of night (around 7pm) - maybe people stayed away because it looks like rain again?

Not many animals around. Wading birds do not like deep water. I did see a couple woodstorks, a few ibis, even a glossy one, but not much else. And it is unusually quiet. No peeps or croaks or screams from the moor hens. The other day I saw a moor hen battle. They recline on their backs and fight with their feet. Really odd! What was the fight about? Who knows? Territory? It is very comical to see two birds on their backs slapping and poking each other with their feet!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

T.S. Fay

August 19 - Not as bad as a hurricane, but Tropical Storm Fay kept me home from work to day. The university is closed until tomorrow. Lots of dark skies, wind and rain, but not scary at all. I did not lose power at all. At least not yet. The sky is beginning to show blue at 4:30pm, so I think the worst of the storm has passed my area of south Florida.

Maybe a walk at Green Cay later?

Green Cay, Friday evening

August 15 - Evening is more humid. Not many people want to visit in the evening so during last Friday's visit I didn't run into walkers. Saw an alligator on the lake swimming across with his mouth open. What a big, pink mouth! Don't know whether he was cooling off or trying to take a big drink. Then I saw 2 whistling ducks on the log where we usually see turtles or baby moor hens. They were twins, perching in the same position. And they have very, very pink feet!

As I was rounding the curve toward the cut back to the center, there was a raccoon ahead of me on the boardwalk. He looked back & kept trotting forward. I slowed down but did not stop. Eventually he or she slipped through the slats on the railing and disappeared. He was bigger than my cat.

I almost decided to call it a night & not do the small loop, but I did anyway and was rewarded with a close sighting of a young spoonbill. He was standing on one leg, with his bill tucked into the pale pink feathers on his back near the gazebo on the small loop trail. As I watched, he opened his eyes, lifted his bill, looked around, then went back to napping. It was getting late and the sky was darkening, so I quickly finished walking the loop & headed home.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Green Cay in the Evening

August 7, 2008, 7pm -almost too hot to walk, but decided to anyway. Mine was one of two cars in the parking lot. On the long loop near the first chickee hut, saw two alligators rolling over one another, no sound, looked like they were playing. For the first time, saw a pig frog, kind of small to be making such a big noise but the photographer who was there said it was definitely one of the piggies. At a distance saw a few roseate spoonbills scattered among the great egrets and tri-colored herons who were gathering in their nightime groupings. As I was entering the cypress area, two whistling ducks were sitting on the railing. I had a close up look at their markings - red bill, green head, black bellies, and ruddy backs - very colorful. As I approached they flew away, whistling.

A few stilts on the short loop, nothing in the cut-across, one spoonbill near the first rest area on the short loop with his/her head buried under feathers. On one leg too.

Although it was hot at first, by 7:45 the air was cooler and more egrets were flying into the groups. I think I saw two white morphs of the great blue heron - yellow legs are heron legs, so they must be herons.